Since Jun 2011

Sherrie Wald

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Why ZUMBA Fitness?

What is ZUMBA? ZUMBA is a rock’n HOT Latin-inspired total body fitness workout that incorporates Latin and international music and dance movements. The combinations of fast and slow rhythms used to tone and sculpt the body will SURELY have you breaking a sweat!

ZUMBA Keeps You Fit - ZUMBA integrates basic principals of aerobic, interval and resistance training to MAXIMIZE CALORIC OUTPUT, cardiovascular benefits, and TOTAL BODY TONING!!! It’s a great dynamic core workout for both abs and back to give you a tighter more defined mid-section.

ZUMBA is a Party – ZUMBA’s party-like atmosphere provides a non-intimidating space for non-dancers, new exercisers or those who have previously avoided group exercise all together. The basic movements are easy to master and everyone has their own unique style and flavor. Who cares if you miss a step or five, just keep moving, smile and enjoy the ZUMBA experience.

ZUMBA is one of the hottest workouts around for many different reasons. First, you work up a sweat while dancing and having fun, so you’re improving your cardiovascular health. It is also a workout for the brain. Having to focus on dance moves has been proven to stimulate brain function and memory.  Fusion dance fitness classes are perfect for those who want a fun and challenging workout.